学生、家长、校友和教职员工都热爱这所学院. 这是为什么.

One thing I love about teaching is that no two days are the same. 学院每天都给我带来惊喜. One day a student prepared mate (tea) for our Spanish class to accompany her presentation. 在另一堂西班牙语课上, I found that one student was reading a Balzac novel (in English) for fun and we discussed the French author’s style. 当我提议学习维克多·雨果的经典小说时, “巴黎圣母院”, 观看根据它改编的法国音乐剧, my students of French were willing to try it then fell in love with several of the songs. They impressed me with their knowledge of architecture and history. I especially enjoy learning from my students and have received articles, 照片, 并在课堂上分享链接. I could go on and on about all the everyday special moments that make me so happy to be teaching at 查理蒙特学院!

Cathy Valdez,法语和西班牙语学院(四和五)教师
在德国出生和长大, I try to bring my own experience of living outside my native culture and language 社区 as a daily example of what communication in a foreign language is all about. Having been made to feel welcome and accepted myself at The Academy gives me a strong desire to “give back” to the 社区 with the talents and experiences that I can bring to the table.
While the subject matter that I love teaching – the fundamentals of the French language – doesn’t seem to change all that much over time with its basic grammar structures and situation-based vocabulary, I have had to challenge myself to find forever new ways of teaching these concepts in order to truly reach the particular students sitting in my classroom. 另外, the fact that The Academy trusts its 老师 to identify and successfully teach “worthy topics” in the ways that we as 老师 choose, is fantastic and allows me to choose topics of enduring value near and dear to my heart such as the German occupation of France during WW2, 犹太人在法国遭受的迫害, and the value of the Allied invasion of Normandy to liberate Europe, 印象派和法语国家的文化.
我也很感激我们的小学校只是在规模上很小, 但 not in its aspirations as it does mighty things in the realm of honoring each student’s voice, allowing them room to learn from their mistakes and take responsibility. 允许学生以这种方式进行实验可能会很混乱, 但 it is ultimately a gift from the Academy 社区 to each of us so that we – adults and kids alike – can grow as responsible individuals.
Sabine Mauri,学院法语教师

One of the things that I appreciate most about The Academy is the opportunity to create a senior project, 一个真正个人化的, 长达一年的学术课题. The unique opportunity to dedicate time and energy to a project of one’s own design and interest provides a medium for finding one’s true passions unlike anything else I have experienced.


我们所有人——学生, 老师, 员工,对彼此都有很高的期望, 彼此抱着听起来很高的期望, 但, 经过进一步检查, 都很简单. 在学院, 社区 engagement and responsibility are not abstract concepts (or worse, empty platitudes); they are practiced 每一天. I like to think of The Academy as a social experiment: what can happen when, 套用大卫·福斯特·华莱士的话, 人们真正关心别人, 为他们牺牲, 一次又一次, 在无数细小的方面, 每一天? It’s a remarkable thing to witness, and even more remarkable to participate.


社会责任. 道德意识. 市民的热情. 这些是我支持学院的持久理由. I am truly grateful to the place that imparted these essential values to me.


That my son Isaiah is now a devoted and successful teacher of K-1 Math and Science in an inner-city public charter school in Atlanta is due in great measure to the support and inspiration he found in his 老师 and classmates at The Academy. 祝福大家!

Jenny Bloxam, P10

The Academy taught me to have the courage to approach things in a different way.


In such a small and genuinely nurturing 社区, it’s easy to find your voice. 后来, 接受了良好的教育, it’s just as easy to continue using that voice after graduation. 现在我是一家跨国律师事务所的诉讼助理, 我可以诚实地说,我们的拉丁语课很有用!  甚至在我知道技术细节之前, 我大概知道传票是什么意思, 当法官做了一件" sua sponte "的事时,这意味着什么.”


在其他学校,并不是每个孩子都渴望上学.  There are great students at any school 但 part of what amazed me in coming to The Academy is that everyone wants to be at school. 每个人都想在教室里学习, no one wants to miss a day because all the students love being at The Academy. 学生参与的数量在其他地方很难找到.

康纳可能会., ’17

霍华德·加德纳写道, “One can be progressive while also espousing traditional educational goals and calling for the highest standards of work, 成就, 和行为.“对我来说,这完美地体现了学院的教育.

凯瑟琳一个., ’16

Always after biannual parent/teacher conferences at The Academy, we feel grateful for the 老师’ insights and support and our commitment to the school is highly reinforced. 作为父母, 如果你有任何顾虑或问题,都可以很容易地联系到老师, 但 we have also found that our daughters feel comfortable going to the 老师 themselves about issues big and small.

肯德尔·克拉克,P13, P15

What I value the most about my Academy experience was the expectation of excellence by the 老师 and school culture.  我们是来接受挑战的, 努力工作, 并能接触到各种各样有趣的东西, 深入的材料和看待事物的新方法. 我的批判性思维基础, 写作能力, 还有学校技能研究, 做笔记, 测试准备, 一切都是学院提供的.  The 荣誉准则 and the constant dialogue about the value of citizenship, 社区, and being a part of something larger than one’s self remain front and center in my daily life.  Professionally, much of what I learned and experienced at The Academy plays into my own teaching.

Jed Haupt, ‘97, 历史 Teacher, Fountain Valley School of Colorado

在学院教书真的很鼓舞人心, 这很大程度上要归功于这里的学生. 学院学生具有非凡的创造力, 求知欲, 一种尽可能深入探究的意愿, and are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive 社区. I have come to expect a great deal from the students in my classes, 他们的工作让我印象深刻. This has allowed me to give them more autonomy in the classroom- more freedom to improvise, 用科学的创造力探索思想, 并指导他们的研究重点. Their hard work is infused with good humor and appreciation for one another’s ideas. It’s a joy to behold, and I feel like I’m part of something great.

威尔·米勒,学院数学 & 科学老师

I didn’t finish high school at The Academy, 但 I sure wish I had stayed. It’s the best school I have ever attended: the best faculty; highly developed student-teacher relationships; motivated, 有创意的, 善良的学生群体-学院拥有这一切! It always felt like a big happy family and my Academy friends are still closely connected.

詹姆斯·T., ’17

My participation in athletics was an essential component in my experience at The Academy, and I did mature and grow as an athlete and individual because I had the opportunity to play team sports in an environment that was comfortable 对我来说. Had the foundations of this program not been inspired with the simultaneously challenging and open-armed spirit that carries through many facets of The Academy, I most likely would not have participated in competitive athletics altogether.


在学业上, the excellent preparation I received in writing and math has been particularly valuable. 课堂之外, interacting in the intimate environment of The Academy 社区 gave me skills in communication and small group problem solving that continue to serve me well in both my studies and my life.

Zoe Plakias, PhD, ‘04, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

学院生活的许多方面都是独特的. 特别是, I have appreciated the emphasis on student growth where the expectation is that students actively develop intellectually, 社会, 在情感上,在一个紧密团结的社区的帮助下. One consequence of that is that how we view individuals is not static. Although both students and faculty have past experiences with each other that inform their interactions today we allow room for growth which fosters mutual understanding. This ties into one of my other favorite characteristics of The Academy – students are not just one thing. They are not just the drama kid or the budding mathematician 但 the small 社区 gives students a chance to be multidimensional, exploring new interests and aspects of themselves hitherto unprobed.


Just as significant and meaningful as my academic growth is the social growth I experienced during my five years at Charlemont. 我被鼓励去献身, 好玩的, 好奇的, 在社会和学术上都很有思想, 这些特点一直延续至今, continuing to inform my day-to-day and long-term habits—particularly in terms of my career. 我现在有了我梦寐以求的工作, and I feel a great deal of appreciation to 查理蒙特学院 for helping me build a foundation of social and intellectual preparedness.

对我们的孩子来说,学院就像另一个家. Their strengths are recognized and applauded; it is a safe environment where they can be themselves and be supported to be their best. The students engage each other and adults with confidence and joy.
戴安和肯·毕格罗,P14, P16, P20

Without the passionate 老师 from The Academy I would have never picked up a video camera or have had the courage to follow my passion for skiing.  Now it is what I do for a living and because The Academy helped to provide me with film knowledge, I can now portray the feeling I have for skiing through my ski films for the younger generation.


It’s never too early to expect more of teenagers and trust them with important responsibilities.  A ninth grader charged with setting a positive example for her younger JV teammates learns to value her own instincts.  In turn, younger students learn to trust the support and leadership of their older peers. 学院要求你挑战自己的极限. 你发现的声音本身就是奖励.”


I’m still endlessly grateful for the education and opportunities that you gave my children. They both have found success and a lifelong dedication to learning that could only have come from the academic nurturing and scale of The Academy.


My husband and I both graduated from Reed College—and from the 荣誉准则 to Latin to athletics to senior projects, I was immediately struck by how much The Academy reminded me of Reed (in fact, the Head of School had a Reed poster on the wall in his office when we first visited). 我青春期的女儿们非常快乐, 自信, 有动力和成就感, at a time in their lives when I’m acutely aware that it could be otherwise. I went from a sixth grader who had to be painfully dragged out of bed every morning, 给一个醒来的七年级学生 me 每天早上微笑着起床,喝一杯热咖啡. 这就像把我的孩子送到一所很棒的文理学院, 只不过他们还在上初中和高中.


在学院, 尽管社会团体不可避免地形成, no one is confined to a certain clique or self-identifying interest; rather, 他们有运动队的朋友, 同年级的朋友, 他们的球队, 他们的音乐或艺术课. 学院最大的优势, 在我看来, is that it not only accepts 但 encourages individuality and pursuit of what each student truly cares about.

玛德琳·汤普森, ‘09, 国际关系协调员, 日本交流与教学计划

Roman philosopher and playwright Seneca the Younger has this to say about the learning process: Homines, dum讲解员, 打折-“当男人教书的时候, 他们学习.“这种共同的成长是吸引我教书的原因之一, and it is this spirit that I have found in abundance at The Academy. I find it in questions that stretch my knowledge and challenge my powers of expression, in hallway conversations about music or magic or international relations, 同事们对我零散的问题很感兴趣. 学生 here have a unique chance to share their knowledge and passions—from mythology to medicine to 20th century literature to art—and this enriching of our common education through the contri但ions of all members is, 对我来说, 这是我们社区的标志性特征.